smooth and steady shots with

Gimbal Stabilizers

Stabilisers used to belong to big budget Hollywood film sets but now with more affordable gimbal systems such as the DJI Ronin and Ronin-M that we use, we’re able to offer perfectly smooth cinematic shots for any production. These gimbals use 3 motors to stabilise the camera across 3-axis while moving so they can be used to achieve incredible shots from a vehicle or helicopter or used in the same vein as a steadicam system to track and follow people perfectly without any annoying camera shake. We operate both the Ronin-M for our smaller mirrorless systems which is ideal for event work and a full size Ronin capable of carrying our FS7 for bigger commercial shoots. They can also be controlled remotely by a second operator to mechanically pan and tilt the camera during the shot.

We also have a DJI Osmo gimbal which connects to our X5R camera. This is a perfect setup for tight spaces, run and gun or action sports and utilises the power of raw video from the X5R.